Advanced Topics 1 e-booklet by Gary Friedman

Advanced Topics 1 e-booklet


This e-booklet is geared for the owners of early Sony and Minolta DSLRs, and is designed to be a follow-on to the books. This 73-page, 4 MB, full-color .pdf file provides an easy-to-understand discussion of the following topics: 

* Methods for connecting a 3rd-Party Flash (and insights as to which ones will work seamlessly with your camera – it’s not straightforward).

* The “Lazy Eye” syndrome and ways it can be minimized.

* The Basics of Proper Exposure (including some surprising multi-segment metering behavior!)

* Combining Zone Matching and Dynamic Range Optimization (DRO)

* An Incident Light Meter that’s Always With You

* Recovering Poorly-Exposed Images and Expanding Apparent Dynamic Range using RAW

* High-Speed Sync (HSS) at High Speeds (i.e., why do HSS shots look so dark?)

* The Noise about Noise (plus an unintuitive way to reduce it) 

* Operating your camera in extremely cold weather.

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