Back-Button Focus for Your Sony Mirrorless Camera by Gary Friedman

Back-Button Focus for Your Sony Mirrorless Camera


New! Version 1.1 of this e-booklet can be considered "graduate school" for owners of the Sony A7, A7s, A7r, A7 II, A7R II, A7S II, A6000, and A6300 mirrorless cameras. It discusses in nuanced detail one of the camera's most misunderstood features - the ability to strip the Autofocus function away from the shutter release button, and assign it instead to one of the buttons on the back of the camera.

There are different situations where configuring your camera this way would be beneficial, ranging from portraits to landscapes to shooting movies, both in AF and MF mode - and this booklet covers each of these scenarios in detail and shows the optimal configuration for each one. 

It's a different way to work, and taking the time to learn to use the camera in this way can actually make the camera to be a more natural extension to your mind. 

This full-color, 74-page e-booklet is being offered in .pdf format only, allowing it to be viewed on any electronic device you own.

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