Best of the Blog - Bundle by Gary Friedman

Best of the Blog - Bundle

Gary’s blog posts are known for being insightful, instructive, and just plain entertaining. But finding the best pieces by perusing the blog can be time consuming. For the first time, Gary has taken his most popular blog posts – as measured by the number of hits, volume of comments, and his own personal bias – and has compiled these well-organized reads.  Also includes some of his best articles for Cameracraft magazine.

This is a specially-priced bundle of all three "Best of the Blog" books, instantly downloadable as 3 .pdf files for your reading pleasure.  No DRM means you can copy them to all of your devices or even print them with no restrictions.

What's included?

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Best of the Blog v1.0.pdf
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Best of the Blog 2 v1.0.pdf
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