Konica Minolta A1 / A2 / A200 by Gary Friedman

Konica Minolta A1 / A2 / A200


Want to learn more about the tremendous capabilities of your Konica Minolta A1 / A2 / A200 digital camera? In this easy-to-follow e-book, Gary L. Friedman walks the reader through what each button, dial, and function does, with a generous amount of real-world examples and humor thrown in. Minolta's outstanding wireless flash system is de-mystified, and the basics of digital photography are explained. The book also discusses the basics of composition and exposure, the ingredients for photos that make people say "Wow!"

In all, the Konica Minolta A1 / A2 / A200 Step-by-Step provides a friendly course on photography using your Dimage A1/A2/A200. You already own one of the best cameras in its class. Why not learn how to get the most of what it offers?

This e-book is available as a full-color, immediately-downloadable .pdf file (88 MB in size), and for the knowledge, experience, examples, and professional tips within, it is a bargain for the low price of $19.95! 

What's included?

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