Mastering Flash with Fujifilm X Cameras by Gary Friedman

Mastering Flash with Fujifilm X Cameras


Master Fuji flash with confidence!

If you are in any way uncertain about using flash with Fujifilm cameras, then this book will make it simple for you. It’s Advanced Lighting 101 for Fujifilm – including making manual flash a breeze.

This book is for ALL Fujifilm “X” camera owners who want to improve their use of flash – both on and off the camera.

The tools and techniques discussed apply equally to shooting snapshots, weddings, portraits, travel – in fact any photography where changing the quality of light gets you the desired outcome. And you can try it risk-free - read on for details!

In this 132-page full-color book you'll learn: 

· Fujifilm X-platform flash modes;

· Fujifilm and third-party flash units;

· TTL (automatic) flash;

· On-camera flash;

· Wireless (off-camera) flash;

· Wireless triggers;

· Light modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors);

· Ratio lighting;

· Using flash for portraits and studio work;

· Mastering manual flash so you feel comfortable using it anywhere, at any time; and

· Real High Speed Sync flash for X100 series cameras.

In addition, appendices cover:

· The Histogram, and how to use it for perfect flash exposure; and

· A Condensed Guide to the basics of Exposure, and the exposure variables.

The information in this book covers all current “X” cameras including the XE, XT, and X Pro series of interchangeable lens cameras, as well as the unique real high speed flash sync capability available in fixed lens X100/S/T leaf shutter cameras.

Written for the advanced user (with tutorials and clear explanations), this easy-to-understand yet thorough guide provides a complete guide to Fujifilm flash in plain English – with ample visual examples. There is no better way to learn about and get the most out of using flash with what are arguably some of the best-designed cameras on the planet. 

If you want a simple, small book that covers the whole topic of Fujifilm flash in an easy-to-read contiguous fashion, grab this book now.

NOTE: If you own either of our current books on the X100S or X-T1, you already have most of this information. So if you enjoyed it, we hope you might recommend this new ebook to others who don’t have those books.


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