Supplement - Sony A7s by Gary Friedman

Supplement - Sony A7s


This 77-page, full-color .pdf guide is a supplement to the best-selling "The Complete Guide to Sony's A7 and A7r Cameras" by Gary L. Friedman (

This supplement discusses the new features that Sony has added to the A7s since this original book was published. Here you'll learn all about:

*The new focusing modes, and the difference between "Center Lock-on AF" and "Lock-on AF" (and which one I use)

* All the new video features explained, including Picture Profile, Gamma Curves, and the famous "S-Log 2" feature that videographers really love

* A subtle addition to the camera's Memory and Memory Recall feature 

* Timecodes and Userbits explained 

* My Personal Camera Settings

This file is currently available only as a .pdf file, which is a universal format readable on all computers and electronic devices.

What's included?

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A7s Supplement v1.01.pdf
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