The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 330 and 380 DSLRs by Gary Friedman

The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 330 and 380 DSLRs


Finally, an easy-to-understand manual that is a match for the cameras it describes!

Gary Friedman’s book on the Sony A330 and A380 digital cameras provides a complete instruction manual which explains each feature in plain English and provides hundreds of visual examples as well.

In this book you’ll learn:

* What every mode, knob, and button do - in plain, easy-to-understand text.

* The secrets of taking outstanding photos.

* Sony's Wireless Flash

* The most common digital “jargon” and what it all means to you.

* All about Live View and how it can enhance your creativity.

* An introduction to the image editing software that came with your camera.

* Additional Resources

Get the most out of your investment - Learn about the wonders of digital imaging and improve your photography at the same time!

This ebook is being sold as a full-color, instantly-downloadable .pdf file (about 25 MB in size).

What's included?

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