The Friedman Archives Guide to Sony's A6600 and A6100 by Gary Friedman

The Friedman Archives Guide to Sony's A6600 and A6100


Gary Friedman is renown for ebooks that combine technical insights, remarkable thoroughness, and an easy-to-read style. He has now written the most comprehensive book available for Sony's best-selling A6600 and A6100 cameras, and you can download your copy instantly!

In this 750+ page book (!), Gary covers:

* Every menu item and feature (including the hidden features)

* His personal camera settings and why he chose each one

* The alphabet soup that are the video settings and explains it all in plain English

* A whole chapter on wireless flash (the single best technique for adding "Wow!" to your images!)

* All of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, including tethered shooting, transferring images to your phone, and GPS stamping of images

* And more!

You are buying a 3-file bundle, consisting of a .pdf file (readable everywhere), an .azw3 file (for your Kindle), and an .epub file (for all other e-readers). All files re DRM-free, meaning you can copy them to all of your devices, make backups, and even print them.  No restrictions!  

Printed versions available too from print-on-demand publisher!  



What's included?

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