The Friedman Archives Guide to Sony's RX100 VII by Gary Friedman

The Friedman Archives Guide to Sony's RX100 VII


Gary Friedman's guides are world-renown for their thoroughness and easy-to-understandableness (that's a word!).  De-mystify the menus and use your camera more confidently with this 656-page guide!

You're buying a 3-file bundle: a .pdf (readable everywhere), and .azw3 and .epub formats for the Kindle and other e-readers.  All files are DRM-free, which means you can load them on all of your devices, make backups, and print them.

Printed versions are also available from print-on-demand publisher (although they are a tad bit more expensive).  B&W version available here:

Color version available here:

What's included?

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